We discuss

We discuss All the same I would depart.

As By a balloon.

We discuss her future article with the correspondent of the magazine.

Vanya sits on a sofa and with impatience waits, when we will finish ours negotiations, he very much would like to be engaged, and the main thing the grandfather already brought on a plate slices of bananas which Vanya receives in an award for diligence.

And we hear Romain was tired.

It is time to give it rest! He persistently repeats these words, addressing to the journalist Kohl Vanya in it supports At Romena the head hurts.

And who will treat Homeopathist.

At homeopathists Kolya never treated, but he not only knows this word, but also truly uses it.

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I not hyper

I not hyper Well here I also relaxed, and they planted me on .

Me tested on deficiency of attention and received negative result.

But nevertheless it became clear that I a little diffused.

I not hyper active, simply a little diffused therefore to me registered these tablets.

And in the first day when I accepted them, me it was thought Oho and I feel absolutely other person! For one evening I made homework for a week forward.

Parents were delighted.

But action of a preparation passes, and you feel a corpse, simply it would be desirable to kill yourself.

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So, for example, mother

So, for example, mother From yourself you will not escape, here and we go with the problems everywhere, trying to solve them.

So, for example, mother does not test warm feelings to the son.

Such happens.

Probably, she at all very much understands that such the man.

Perhaps, she feels that this child inherited not its patrimonial branch, and fatherly.

Can be and other reasons.

So, mother not so loves the son and constantly carps at it.

Even it can be necessary for it to break on it and to accuse of everything.

If parents did not help the child to understand and solve this problem, it passes to school.

Now he receives the teacher who treats it with suspicion and addiction.

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He wants to help

He wants to help Thus the child uses the of a foot as osyazatelny body.

If the kid somewhere gets stuck or it will appear in desperate, in his opinion, a situation, he by all means will call you to the aid!th WEEK You can notice that the child shows bigger interest to joint actions, than before.

He wants to help to dress to you him or to wipe after bathing.

Games at the age of months Sometimes the child starts to miss alone with the toys.

If you noticed that separate toys any more do not cause interest of the kid, clean them.

Some a time later the child will find the new attractive parties in old toys.

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Before giving

Before giving Get for the child children's medicines and do not give to the child the preparations which have been let out for adults.

Before giving medicine to the child, it is necessary to read attentively the summary to a pharmacological preparation.

For measurement of a dose of medicine use special measured spoons and glasses.

Remember that excess of a dose of a preparation hazardously to health of the kid.

It is not necessary to vary duration of a course of reception of medicine on the discretion.

Be attentive to manifestation of side effects from reception of medicines.

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